What are the simple furniture brands?

What are the simple furniture brands? Want to make life more simple and elegant, not only by decoration to achieve, and the choice of furniture is particularly important.

What are the simple furniture brands?

Want to know what kind of furniture can improve your minimalist style? Do you want to know which brands are superior?

First, Muzhi Square MZGF Muzhi Square was founded by designer Zhao Rei in 2010. The brand is dedicated to exploring innovative methods of different materials, the pursuit of extreme and detailed design, superb craftsmanship and expressive forms. On this basis, the development of a series of new products, so that it has a more excellent uniqueness and integration.

We incorporate the vision of pursuing a high-end quality of life into every product, looking for the perfect balance in tradition and modernity, fashion and comfort.

Second, the Vatican few Brahma is a brand of independent furniture founded by domestic designer Gucci Gao.

“Brahma” is the meaning of clearance and quiet, “a few” is furniture, meaning to empty quiet furniture, at the same time Brahma’s homophonic is “where a few”-ordinary furniture, Brahma hope to do some real life, and natural integration in the life of the furniture.

What are the simple furniture brands?

Iii. Ikea Founded in 1943 in Sweden, has become the world’s largest furniture household goods merchants, sales mainly include seat/sofa series, office supplies, bedroom series, kitchen series, lighting series, textiles, cooking utensils Series, house storage series, children’s product series, such as about 10,000 products.

Ikea’s business philosophy is to provide a wide range of beautiful and practical, people can afford to buy household goods.

Iv. Hem Hem is a furniture brand under the e-commerce website Fab, which finds its own route between popular “flat packaging” and “high-end design.” Whether it is the soft side of the wooden table and chair combination, or the design of the round lampshade, all give a sense of serenity and softness.

Hem prices are also relatively pro-people, are conscientious value for money products, but also support online purchase.

V. Tylko If you have your own taste and pursuit of home design, online custom home brand Tylko is something you can’t miss.

Founded in 2015, this Polish brand is a furniture brand that truly connects “craftsmanship” and “technology”.

Vi. Tradition A young brand founded in 2010. Advocating classic simplicity, committed to maintaining the unique culture and technology of northern Europe, in addition to the original materials from northern Europe, but also assembled Arne Jacobsen and many other outstanding home designers, and constantly bring surprises and classics.

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